Momiji Dolls Are Friendly Little Works of Art

Momiji dolls are an adjunct of the Japanese Kokeshi doll. The Japanese Kokeshi baby is a anatomy of acceptable Japanese folk art that has been about back the 1830s. Momiji dolls were started in 2005. These dolls were aggressive by baby kindnesses and friendships and are all about bushing activity with the same. The dolls all allotment a few accepted characteristics but are actual altered from one another, authoritative them a altered and fun collectable and a actual altered allowance to allotment with your friends.


The accepted characteristics that all Momiji dolls allotment is they are fabricated from copse with no accoutrements or legs and anniversary is duke painted. All of the dolls accept names and their own personalities. In the abject of anniversary baby is a baby aperture area a baby agenda is hidden for you to canyon on your wishes to the almsman of this ambrosial little gift. These dolls are of Japanese appropriate and all dress in some anatomy of Japanese kimono.

The aboriginal Momiji dolls were a set of twelve dolls called The Randoms.

Introducing six of the Randoms

The aboriginal baby in the accumulating is Chatting. Chatting was built-in in October of 2005 and she enjoys disco and thunderstorms. She was discontinued in July of 2006.Chatting says,"Your chatting with me beneath the sky makes me consistently smiling."

Cool is the next up in our account and she says, "always air-conditioned that's you and me." Her admired things are balladry and continued summer days. Air-conditioned was aswell produced from October of 2005 to July of 2006.

Dizzy an ambrosial little adult says that "counting the stars accompany addled and laughing." Her admired things are knitting and techno. Addled aswell was built-in in October, 2005, and discontinued in July of 2006.

Little Miss Flowers is our next cutie. Her admired things are activity movies. She says "I dreamt about the flowers they sang about tomorrow." Flowers was built-in in October of 2005 and discontinued in March of 2007.

Giggles, a absolutely adorable adolescent lady, was built-in October 2005 and was accessible until June of 2007. Her admired things cover reading, collywobbles and rugby. She says "The memories of us brings me giggles."

Momiji baby Blessed Blessed Blessed brand amber cake. As far as she is concerned, "Always if we are dancing. Oh Boy! I'm blessed blessed happy!" Little Blessed Blessed Blessed was built-in in October, 2005, and discontinued in June of 2007.

The Randoms today

These are just a few of the original--or bearing one--Randoms. Today The Randoms accept a absolute of six ancestors with added on the way. They appear in all kinds of altered apparel and attitudes. Anniversary one is altered and altered from her sisters.

Momiji dolls are accomplished works of art that any acquaintance would abundance as a gift.